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We all make mistakes…. it’s part of life and living. Yet when our children make mistakes that run counter to our expectations of them, in moments of stress, we get upset, frustrated or even angry with our children. Understandable that such reaction also likely stems from a desire for our children to do well but too much anxiety can hang as a heavy cloud of fear upon our kids that impedes learning in the long run.

This e-booklet is a gentle reminder that the real deal is how we turn mistakes into brilliance by making the best use in learning from them. Few on words but speaking volumes in terms of its visual presentation, kids can assimilate the wisdom visually even as they are being read to.

Mistakes! is a fun and light teaching aid for parents/guardians/ educators in guiding children towards cultivating helpful life attitudes for good living.

Available for downloading in ePub.

88 words (excluding Note to Parents [1 page]), 11 pages (all-in), picture book, for parents/grandparents/guardians/educators and kids 6 years and above.


Alphabet Riddles & Poetic Wordplay

Suitable for children 5 years and above.

26 Alphabet Riddle & Poetic Wordplay cards offering literacy playtime for kids and fun-filled bonding between parent and child. Also suitable for educators looking for a creative tool to help children learn the English language.

The poetic wordplay and riddles are written and designed by Elione Sun to help stimulate lateral thinking, creativity and imagination in children with enough clues to help them come to the answer themselves via sight, sound and action, thereby building confidence over time.

Great for busy parents who are short on time but keen on guiding their children’s development/having fun with their kids and bonding over meaningful activities.

Comes in a box, 28 A5 sized cards, laminated and printed on front and back, with parenting/teaching/learning tips and how-to-use instructions.

Click here for a sampling of the content of cards

Expect more empowering eBooks and fun literacy games for joyful learning of the English language that engage both children and parents, to come your way.

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