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  • Creations

    1. Do you do commissioned works?

    Other than custom card creations for individuals, we also accept commissioned works from organisations such as schools and corporations who may want to offer a meaningful gift (of words) e.g. in the form of customised quotes in notebooks, journals, diaries or even apps to inspire, comfort, encourage or uplift clients to establish goodwill and heartfelt relating whether in commemoration of anniversaries or other special occasions, or not.

    Elione Sun will originate the writing and if required, can work with your appointed designer/printer to finalise the output of your idea/intention in the chosen physical form.

    2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    Inspiration comes from observing the self, the realisation that comes, sometimes in a flash, other times more subtly; from watching what is happening around me, listening to the feelings of people as they talk, communing with Nature and sitting in silence. Inspiration to me is essentially a feeling towards an experience and an integration and then the outward expression from that integration, including feeling into the party that we are writing for or the occasion for which the work is intended. Anything and everything can inspire!


    1. Where do you conduct your literacy program?

    The literacy programs are to be conducted at pre-schools and childcare centres and for the one-on—one or small group classes, to be at a venue as may be agreed between instructor and parents. Specific workshops will be at venues to be agreed upon.

    2. Do you have a literacy program for older children?

    Not at the moment. Should one be developed, we will announce the launch of such a program.

    3. Do you conduct poetry workshops?
    Yes, workshops can be customised to fit specific requirements subject to agreement.

For any other queries, please feel free to fill up the Contact Form and zip it over by a click. If it is asked frequently enough, Iʼd know to put it in the FAQ in the next update.

Thank you for your time and attention. Many blessings for the day!