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  • 14 August 2017  |
    Category : Reflections/Contemplations


    We all have our potential and deep heart yearning to gift of our talents as to bring great delight not just to the self but to the larger whole.  These are the dreams that ignite our inner fire to be the highest we can be as to stir us alive to dare to take on life’s challenges on the way to turning those dreams into reality. 

    Have there been times when we look, perhaps with a tinge of regret and/or envy when we see others take flight in their dreams?  In those moments, have we not wished it was us up there in the sky too?  

    Some do not realise we all have wings and believe that being grounded is just the way life is.  Some feel the presence of these wings but are too conditioned by mundane living to be heeding the call to use them.  Some try to flap theirs but when these attempts are met with setbacks as to cut their flight short, they retreat.  Some believe it is a matter of practice, practice and more practice to strengthen their wings over short flights before the long haul.  These are all perspectives that one may hold and are of no right or wrong as circumstances of life is unique to each and true compassion is in accepting each one in their life station in the moment. 

    To the onlooker, the ones up there seem to have it all, so free and easy. But what is not visible in that glorious moment of freedom and exhilaration is the labour of trial and error that come before with all of the frustration, disappointment, sweat and tears and more.  

    The truth is always behind the appearance.  If our process or journey towards our desired outcome is right by our soul, the result is but a natural unfoldment of deepening joy.  If our focus is only the outcome regardless of how we get there, the appearance of success will come with cracks in which the truth will emerge as a matter of time when the temporal happiness dissipates soon after, leaving one hungry and yearning once more for a bigger fix in an addiction to satisfy the void that is thus created.  

    Being mindful of the process even as one keeps an eye on the end goal is a union of the mind with the heart in the wholeness of being in realising our highest potential.  May success and the joy of the journey towards success be yours. 


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