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  • 24 November 2016  |
    Category : Reflections/Contemplations

    Giving Up, Giving In...

    When life circumstances are rough and we feel we are about to break, what is truly breaking us up is not the external environment per se but our identification with less-than-helpful thoughts and the ensuing emotions in that moment.  When we are calm enough to step aside and observe the self in action, we can come to know that we are above our thoughts and emotions which are essentially energies that can be conserved, refocused and redirected by dint of will towards thoughts and actions aligned with our desired vision, thereby effecting a change to our external reality over time.  For what we experience on the outside is but a reflection of our inner state of being.  When we entertain the idea of giving up or giving in in the moment of crisis, clarity of what it is that we should surrender determines our destiny.


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