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  • 14 January 2016  |
    Category : The Wisdom Of Children

    Heart Of A Thousand Ears

    If you observe children, especially the very young ones, you will notice that when they listen, when they pay attention, their heart is open.  They are observing and hearing for resonance using their heart.  That is our innate survival guide from birth but the general education system focuses substantially on mind-training during our growing up years; and so wane the natural practice of wholeness in listening, beyond hearing the words with the ears by turning into the heart to feel for truth in the quietness of one’s being. It can be very piercing and sometimes as adults, we sub-consciously squirm when we pick up on how a child may have seen through the truth (or our true intent) beneath our words which may even be hidden from our own consciousness.    

    Young children are great truth detectives for they are heart driven until they are overly re-directed in their focus towards the mind in the course of education.  Balance is the key as always and we as grown-ups can step out of rat-racing every now and then to listen with our heart to children when they speak.  And the benefit of making that choice? Is the creation of a fluid space of allowing and acceptance and the deep joy of communion steep in the simplicity of truth at the level of innocence.     

    May you experience joyful listening with a heart of a thousand ears. 


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