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  • 15 September 2015  |
    Category : The Wisdom Of Children

    Child of Now

    A young child never offers resistance to getting what it wants in the now.  It never gives excuses for not going after what it wants.  It never procrastinates one bit chasing its heart’s desire.  It hardly ever takes no for an answer and will attempt different strategies as its little mind can conjure to get to what it wants.  It is focused on going around all seeming obstacles in the way of its desire of the moment.  The questions it asks are “What do I have to do to get what I want?”, “How do I get there?”  For so long as it has set its heart on its desire, the child is energised by its passion and taken over by the “can do” spirit which allows it to be accepting of mistakes and failures as part and parcel of navigating challenges in its way.  And so life is an adventure from the viewpoint of the child until a judgment is placed on its mistakes and failure comes to be feared for the consequences it experienced from its circle of influence as it grows up.  If we can remember to give guidance and room for the child to experience life as an adventure, it is in its nature to seize opportunities in the now by the promptings of the heart towards its dream.  Can we also give that to ourselves? To be a child of now acting upon the now towards our own heart fulfilment? 


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