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  • 05 September 2015  |
    Category : The Wisdom Of Children

    Gifts For My Family

    Been assisting a 6-year boy with his literacy skills using poetry.  The recent theme was “family” and I created a poem about "home" with a family tree for him to draw pictures of his family members on the tree branches.  The little guy was so “in love” with his family that he decided to add his own hearts, flowers, stars and balloons to the picture for his family members as gifts and even as he was thinking about his family, he asked for help to spell “I love you” and “I miss you” to add to his drawings around the poem and the family tree.  

    He was in such a flow that I offered to put all his gifts to his family in a little poem based on what he felt in that moment as his present to his family.  He chose all the pictures of the hearts, stars, flowers and balloons that you see in the poem.  

    It was an amazing outpouring of love of a child - simple and pure - which I share here with you.  Love demonstrated in the little things is easy to forget when we are caught in the strife of the day-to-day.  Let us remember children for the love that they are in the simplicity of their being and that goes too, for our own inner child.


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