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What We Do

The greatest gift any parent can give to their child is the chance to realise the true self within that the child may contribute to the beauty of the world without, by the love, power and wisdom of its being.

Elione Sun and her works are about offering that gift to children by nurturing them through English literacy fun and play in the process of learning. Her products are designed to promote parent-child communion in simple ways in a world of changing complexities.

Poetry, song and rhymes are awesome for children to develop their language skills easily and naturally. Elione Sun uses poetry to create literacy products that entertain children and adults alike. Not only do they serve as fun learning tools for children but they are also designed to provide meaningful bonding activities as between parent and child.

All her products/creations, launched or to be launched are designed to be AWESOME in benefiting children in their literacy learning experience as follows:

Benefits to Children

Adventuresome ✷   stokes curiosity & interest
Whimsical ✷   stirs creativity & imagination
Entertaining ✷   fun learning
Supportive ✷   nurturing content & activities for heart & mind
Original ✷   enhances perceptiveness & observation skills
Magical ✷   cultivates lateral thinking
Empowering ✷   vocabulary building, fostering listening & speaking skills
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Who is Elione Sun?

Elione is an author and creator of literacy products that offer joyful learning for children in language development by the power of poetry.

Her books and literacy wordplay are of a 3-fold focus: (a) imparting useful life principles for empowered living and wellbeing (b) cultivating literacy skills in respect of the English language and (c) parent-child bonding via fun-filled literacy activities.

Her creative works are designed to help children enjoy language development through whimsical rhymes, riddles and other forms of wordplay, at the same time, activating their creativity and imagination, lateral thinking and perceptiveness and observation skills. All useful traits for good living in the 21st century.

Lifelong learning is ever sustainable with an element of fun and play. Hence, her works are almost always tinged with a light touch of humour to ease children in their literacy learning journey.

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Why Poetry for Children?

Poetry is an effective learning platform for children in language development for:

  1. contrary to an oft mistaken notion that it is merely academic and of no practical use in the “real” world, poetry can actually be harnessed to serve as an effective learning platform for young children for the fact that it speaks to their nature - in terms of playfulness, humour, laughter, rhythm and song.

  2. poetry can be tapped to convey ideas and information in a manner that is short, sharp and to-the-point for children whose attention span is rather short at a young age.

  3. poetry peppered with humour and whimsicality generate laughter which is not only the best healing medicine but also a great relaxant to ease children into learning and understanding.

  4. using poetry, one can create anything and is therefore an excellent space for children to go beyond the logical and the rational. The seemingly impossibilities of today, may be the logical and the rational of tomorrow when we allow our children the free rein of imagination and expression of their curiosity and poetry serves as one such avenue for their creativity.

  5. poetry provides an effective outlet to give voice to our innermost feelings and thoughts to facilitate social and emotional engagement for authentic relating and community building.

  6. recital/performance of poetry builds confidence in self expression and helps to hone a child’s speaking skills.

The present education system is evolving to help children acquire 21st century competence/skill sets to deal with the outer reality of a new world order that is rapidly unfolding. Per the universal law of as within, so without, one must necessarily know oneself on the inner in order to master relating with the outer in a balanced and harmonious way. Poetry serves as one of those useful tools to cultivate one’s inner being.

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On Alphabet Riddles & Poetic Wordplay
“I’ve gone through the deck and it’s very well designed and written. My mom took my deck to exercise her mind.” - M.Y. Chan
Her poems always surprise me - they not only lifted me up int he times that I have sad, stuck or demoralised but also when I’m happy; they serve to bring out the inner child in me. - C. Tian
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Elione took every single step to embrace her passion and use her gift of words to shine light and love to many people. Her poems always surprise me - they not only lifted me up in the times that I have felt sad, stuck or demoralised but also when I'm happy; they serve to bring out the inner child in me. Her simple suggestion to consider “what would love do, feel or say?” is something that brings me back to my core whenever I feel lost in my own new journey. I appreciate her support, her presence and her poetry in my life as they bring joy, love and light in me and I'm sure many others would feel the same.

I have a 4- & a 6-year-old. Both children enjoyed the play of words and the rhyming passages. Elione Sun was able to grab their attention and keep them wanting for more with her little games. Elione Sun makes learning English beautiful and fun through her ingenious use of poetry… - J. Lim
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