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What We Do

Elione Sun entertains children with her poetic gift of words. She develops and runs literacy programs for young children to help them have fun learning the English language with loads of humour through whimsical rhymes, fantastical stories and interactive activities that she writes/designs for the love of children. Importantly, underlying all that literacy learning and play is the seeding of self awareness and the remembrance of universal love for centred-ness and harmonious relating so children may grow in creative empowerment, relaxed in the uniqueness their true selves.

Elione Sun lays the foundation for children to come into self awareness at their own pace in their own time. For it is in knowing the Self from within that one may emerge a master of one’s destiny lest (s)he be tossed this way or that by the currents of events that are now breaking down the old and the familiar into the new and the uncharted.

Our programs impart foundational life skills in the learning of literacy skills for pre-schoolers of 5 and 6 years based upon 4 basic tenets:

Love . Nurture . Empower . Humour

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Who is Elione Sun?

Elione is an intuitive poet who taps the power of poetry to enchant children into the space of their innate love, creativity and talents by bringing them on an adventure of the whimsical and humorous kind through her self-written poems and rhymes.

Elione was touched by the purity of children upon the birth of her son. She was inspired to pick up on her penchant for poetry again just so to leave her child with a legacy that she felt would support him on his earthly journey in this lifetime. And so “First Words”, an audio recital of poems she wrote dedicated to him and to all children was launched in 2014.

But of course, poetry has a way of conjuring its magic upon the soul. After 25 years in the Finance industry managing corporate accounts, she now channels the practicality her corporate world experience and the inspirations of her ongoing self awareness journey into a poetic platform that imparts foundational life skills for holistic wellbeing alongside with the learning of literacy skills that is at once playful, humorous, imaginative and creative.

Fun and play, humour and imagination are the necessary foundational stimulants to awaken human gifts and talents. They help children to withstand the shocks of challenges and to see them as opportunities to bring out the best that is innate in each to make for a purposeful life and joyful living.

In children is love. In love, is hope. In hope, is inspiration for a better tomorrow for our children.

Why Poetry for Children?

Poetry is an effective learning platform for children in language development:

  1. Contrary to an oft mistaken notion that it is merely academic and of no practical use in the “real” world, poetry can actually be harnessed to serve as an effective learning platform for young children for the fact that it speaks to their nature - in terms of playfulness, humour, laughter, rhythm and song.

  2. Poetry can be tapped to convey ideas and information in a manner that is short, sharp and to- the-point for children whose attention span is rather short at a young age.

  3. Poetry peppered with humour and whimsicality generates laughter which is not only the best healing medicine but also a great relaxant to ease children into learning and understanding.

  4. Poetry together with art & craft engages the child holistically in learning via the mental, emotional and physical bodies and across the visual, audio and kinaesthetic planes of assimilation. It is learning experienced by the full body beyond mere mental concepts.

  5. With poetry, one can create anything and is therefore an excellent space for children to go beyond the logical and the rational; for the seemingly impossibilities of today, may be the logical and the rational of tomorrow when we allow our children the free rein of imagination and expression of their curiosity and poetry serves as one such avenue for their creativity.

  6. Poetry provides an effective outlet to give voice to our innermost feelings and thoughts to facilitate social and emotional engagement for authentic relating and community building.

  7. Recital/performance of poetry builds confidence in self expression and helps to hone a child’s speaking skills.

The present education system is evolving to help children acquire 21st century competence/skill sets to deal with the outer reality of a new world order that is rapidly unfolding. Per the universal law of as within, so without, one must necessarily know oneself on the inner in order to master relating with the outer in a balanced and harmonious way. Poetry serves as one of those useful tools that touches on one’s inner being.