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Give your pre-schooler a head-start in the english language for confident self-expression

Give your child a chance to come into self-awareness to make choices from a space of empowerment

GIVE YOUR CHILDREN PoETree or Poetry Locomotion

PoETree and Poetry Locomotion are English literacy cum life skill training programs creatively designed to be appropriate for pre-schoolers of 5 and 6 years of age. These programs are powered by poetry to impart useful life skills even as they help to cultivate a love for/an interest in the English language through fun and play with whimsical rhymes, enchanting word puzzles, riddles, literacy activities and more.

Program Objectives:

  1. To establish a foundational awareness of self and its connection with the world at large for responsible being and harmonious relating.
  2. To anchor children in the basic universal love that is within one and all for holistic creation and balanced contribution to the wellbeing of self and others.
  3. To offer a fun-filled literacy experience for effective learning of the English language for children.

The difference between the 2 programs:

  • Uses poetry to deliver learning to children
  • Incorporates a story-telling/reading section
  • Available in pre-schools, as workshops, as well as in private sessions (for individuals)

  • Uses poetry to deliver learning to children
  • Incorporates art/crafting section to complement the theme of each session
  • Available in pre-schools & as workshops

Poetry Programs/Workshops

What is it?

PoETree is an English literacy cum life skill training program for children that puts humour and joy into the learning of the English language through the rhythm and rhyme of poetry that is at once heart-warming and mind-opening as to stir the soul and activate children’s imagination and creativity towards positive creation and holistic wellbeing. Click here to read how poetry is an effective learning aid for children.

It serves as a great preparatory program to ease children into primary school. How?

  • Content-rich & interactive lessons
Covering learning about the self, the community, the animal kingdom & nature & their interconnection.
  • Vocabulary expansion & ease of spelling
Through phonic rhymes, puzzles, riddles & other forms of wordplay and literacy games/activities.
  • Confidence booster in self expression
Opportunity to read aloud & share thoughts and ideas.
  • Seeding of virtues for empowered being
Through literacy games &/or activities & stories.

“Experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they’re four years old, they’re usually among the best readers by the time they are eight.”

Source: Fox, M. (2001). Reading Magic. San Diego, CA: Harcourt

The program harness literacy fun and play to stimulate the natural learning curiosity in children. Each session will be rounded with a reading/storytelling to children to:

  • instil virtues;
  • encourage imagination;
  • reinforce listening skills;
  • enhance verbal proficiency;
  • help foster reading habit; &/or
  • pique their curiosity to learn more

Each poem and/or activity/game is created by Elione Sun to deliver a message or seed an idea to cultivate self awareness and impart the ways of empowered being including harmonious relating with all that is life.

The content is rich with whimsicality and humour to open children’s hearts and minds to possibilities, imagination and creativity.

For a sampler of poems/literacy activities, click here.

Who is it for?

For children of 5 and 6 years old.

Format of Presentation:

  • Enrichment program in pre-schools, childcare centres, home schools (in modules/year long)
  • Workshop
  • Private sessions - one-on-one and up to 4 children per session


For further enquiries or to engage Elione Sun, please click here.

What is it?

Elione Sun and Play N Learn proudly presents Poetry Locomotion - an English literacy cum life skill training program for children powered by poetry with art and/or craft to develop foundational life skills for holistic wellbeing and harmonious relating even as they cultivate a love for/an interest in the language through fun and play with whimsical rhymes, enchanting word magic, riddles, games and crafting activities that serve as portals for children to step into a world of possibilities with a sense of adventure.

Together, we conjure to bring the magic back into childhood for children where literacy learning and life skill training is fun, it is play and it flows naturally:

Magic at its core is but a transformation having taken place as a result of gaining an understanding. Poetry Locomotion aims to move children towards understanding in their learning journey with literacy fun and play and hands-on creative experiences through bubbly rhymes, whimsical lines, wicked fun spells, wordplay and crafting joy in wide array.

Beyond the English language, the program is rich with content that helps children to learn about nature, the animal kingdom and the community at large and their connection with them via the common thread of universal love.

Who is it for?

For pre-schoolers aged 5 and 6 attending kindergarten and in childcare centres.

Format of Presentation:

  • Enrichment program (in modules/year long) in pre-schools & childcare centres
  • Workshop


On how to flow this program seamlessly with your existing curriculum to enrich the learning experiences of your students, we shall be pleased to visit your school to present more of the program details.

Please email:
Elione Sun at contact@elionesun.com or
Kim Chng at kimchng@play-n-learn.com

Play N Learn is a leading distributor of educational products and an established supplier of creative teaching and learning aids to teachers and students alike in Singapore’s primary and secondary schools. To know more about Play N Learn and to view an array of educational products handpicked by the company for its customers, please click www.play-n-learn.com

Poetry Programs/Workshops

How do children benefit from our Poetry Programs/Workshops?

All the content is created by Elione Sun and each program is designed towards:

  • Activating thinking skills
  • Bolstering reading, listening and speaking skills
  • Cultivating self awareness and virtues for empowered living
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Encouraging interest in/love for the English language through fun & play
  • Fostering universal love for meaningful relating
  • Growing confidence in children to give unique expression of self
  • Holistic development of mind and heart
  • Inspiring children to dare to be
  • Joyful learning for soul wellbeing

in a relaxed learning ambience to ease children into their natural ability to assimilate and give of their best.

Poem Sampler

For a sampling of Elione Sun’s poems for children aged 5 and 6, please click on the thumbnails below.


“Her poems always surprise me - they not only lifted me up in the times that I have felt sad, stuck or demoralised but also when I'm happy; they serve to bring out the inner child in me.” - C. Tian
Read more

The first time I met Elione and her beautiful son, was a few years back during a trip to the UK. She was very loving and I saw her as a very successful corporate banker on a tour with us. Her words have always been positive and enlightening. I'm so happy to see her courageously moving into something that she loves passionately. We all know how challenging it is for one to drop the shell of security and move into the unknown. Elione took every single step to embrace her passion and use her gift of words to shine light and love to many people. Her poems always surprise me - they not only lifted me up in the times that I have felt sad, stuck or demoralised but also when I'm happy; they serve to bring out the inner child in me. Her simple suggestion to consider “what would love do, feel or say?” is something that brings me back to my core whenever I feel lost in my own new journey. I appreciate her support, her presence and her poetry in my life as they bring joy, love and light in me and I'm sure many others would feel the same.

All the best Elione! Share your light, your love, wisdom and kindness with everyone. Bring out the inner child in those who have forgotten to have fun in their journey.

C. Tian