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Audio Recitals

  • FIRST WORDS, Inaugural Album of Recitals

    “First Words” is a mother’s song to her child to be true to its soul and is a joyous celebration of the child coming into being. Hear it in the tracks “Because It’s You”, “If I Could Give You Anything” and “An Apple On An Orange Tree”. For comfort when feeling low, listen to “Do You Know?” and for those who have forgotten the purity of childhood, let “The Imagine Song” gently nudge you back into a space of innocence.

    “First Words” is an inaugural album of recital of five poems written by Elione Sun especially for children and the inner child and are recited by her with music playing in the background.

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    What People Say:

    • "I can see the amount of hard work put in, the passion, the dedication and most importantly, the heart. Thank you for doing this as I think many will benefit from what you are doing. Your recitals are really meaningful and powerful."
      ~ Ng HL, Singapore

    • "Your recitals are simply ethereal and your voice is so exquisite! I love the words! Bring so much joy and meaning...."
      ~ S Yeo, mother of 3, Singapore

    • "... smooth, soothing, comforting, crystal clear..."
      ~ AK, Singapore

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